The modern messaging space is complicated. Billions of users are spread across an ever-growing number of global messaging apps, from WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to Telegram and Line. Add SMS, RCS, web messengers and mobile apps to the mix, and your bots are expected to work seamlessly across dozens of channels and devices.

Sunshine Conversations takes care of all that for you.

  • Oracle
  • Genesys
  • Sparkcentral
  • Clarabridge

Build your bots on any platform you want

We take care of your bot interoperability.

  • Channel Access

    Reach more customers by being wherever users are

    Integrate your bots on all leading global chat apps, even those with no native bot support

    Run on any website or mobile app with Sunshine Conversations’s private label Embeddable SDKs

    Code once and deploy everywhere using Sunshine Conversations’s Unified API

  • Rich interactions

    Leverage each channel’s native features and beyond

    Automatically access each channel’s most powerful native features with the market’s richest Multichannel Translator

    Simplify complex interactions and increase task completion rates by creating interactive in-chat experiences with Conversation Extensions

  • Bot-to-human handoffs

    Orchestrate bot conversations with other enterprise systems

    Seamlessly hand off bot conversations to humans with the Sunshine Conversations Handoff API

    Offer customers a wide array of integrations between your bots and other enterprise software, analytics and AI solutions through Sunshine Conversations’s Messaging Ecosystem

  • Contextual awareness

    Make your bots smarter with conversation records and user metadata

    Access contextual metadata across multiple channels so your bots can make more personalized recommendations

    Leverage full conversation history and past interactions to increase relevancy and customer satisfaction

Liri Halperin Segal CEO, Leo
“In a world where customer experience is paramount, bots need to be wherever a brand's customers are, which is everywhere! As we dedicate our efforts to our own AI solution, Sunshine Conversations enables us to deploy our solution faster and is a great conversation platform for our needs.”

Build once, deploy everywhere

Instantly support all major chat apps and new channels whenever they emerge through a single API, while staying protected from unpredictable changes to platform APIs.

Explore Universal Channel Access

Erik Kalviainen CEO,
“Sunshine Conversations allows us to increase our messaging channel coverage with very little internal engineering resources. We’re happy because we can focus our efforts on our core competency. Our customers are happy because they can deploy their bots to the channels their customers prefer.”

Build rich message support for any channel using Sunshine Conversations's multi-channel translator

With one API call, your bots can support and optimize the display of rich message types, like quick replies, images, gifs, carousels, location requests, and more, across every channel.

If a message type isn’t supported by a channel, Sunshine Conversations understands the message intent and displays it using the best available format.


Message Types






Variations Supported

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Go beyond the boundaries of the chat window

Create custom interactive overlays for any use case, on any channel, to deliver frictionless customer experiences. Combine the intimacy and contextuality of conversational interfaces with the richness and flexibility of traditional UIs.

Explore Conversation Extensions

Chris Colleran CTO, Sciensio
“Sunshine Conversations’s technology provides two key features that are critical to our business: multi-channel messaging and the ability to smoothly transition to live human support. Their technology, backed by an incredible team, has enabled the Sciensio team to focus on the features needed to be the first to market with our product.”

Orchestrate seamless bot-to-human handoffs

Make your bot the first responder to every customer interaction while escalating select inquiries to customer engagement platforms.

See it in action

Transfer conversation history, contextual metadata and everything an agent needs to pick up the case smoothly.

Make your bots play nicely with others

Hand off bot conversations to your clients’ human-powered customer engagement platforms, including Zendesk, Sparkcentral, Lithium, Zingle, Ameyo, ComputerTalk, and more.