More ways to connect with users

Smooch lets you tap into all these channels with a single API or a one-click integration from your dashboard.

OTT Messenger

You don’t need to become a messaging expert to enable your software with the newest and most popular channel where consumers already are.

Native SDKs

Fully customizable SDKs for iOS, Android and web to enable full-featured messaging within your software or website in minutes.

Other channels

Manage email and SMS aggregators with the same API you use to manage other messaging channels.

Upcoming channels

We’re working closely with platform owners to enable the next wave of messaging and add many more channels types. Request the ones you need and we’ll reach out when they’re ready.

  • WhatsApp



  • Amazon Alexa

    Amazon Alexa


  • LinkedIn



  • Google Assistant

    Google Assistant


  • Snapchat



  • Instagram



Want to see a full feature comparison per channel?

Run your channels on Smooch

Smooch manages all of your messaging channels so you can focus on building your product. Connect to a variety of channels through a single unified API or using our dashboard. Always have support for any messaging channel feature you may need, and let Smooch handle the rest.

Smooch auto-updates to add new platforms and features

  • A single unified API

    You don’t need to become an expert in every messaging channel or capability on the market to enable your product with all of the channels that your customers demand. With one unified API, you’ll gain access to the richest features across the broadest set of channels.

  • Constantly improving

    Benefit from rich message types, channel abstractions, regular feature updates and delivery issues handled for you. You’ll continuously have access to new channels like Messenger or Viber, new features like carousels, and not have to worry as APIs change and adapt, all with no effort on your part.

  • Reliability and visibility

    Not all messaging channels provide the same service levels, visibility or support. Smooch’s highly available cloud infrastructure is designed from the ground up to ensure every message gets delivered and gives you the visibility over the entire system you need to support your customers.

  • Go to market fast

    Build and manage every aspect of customer conversations delivered over web, mobile or social messaging platforms. Save the heavy lifting but keep full control with powerful API to implement any messaging use case.

Get access to the latest. Always

The messaging space is evolving quickly and messaging platforms continue to ship valuable new features that are redefining the way businesses can communicate with messaging. Smooch makes sure you stay ahead of the curve with our continuous delivery commitment.

  • Within 8 hours of a platform announcement we confirm our level of feature support.
  • Within 72 hours we will provide feature/API details and shipping dates

This gives your product team the certainty to implement new features quickly and accelerates your time to market.