Software Makers

Software products of all types need to respond to customer expectations and support messaging as businesses now want to engage with customers on the channels they prefer. The companies that manage to add messaging will rise to the top.

Integrating, and managing these constantly evolving channels requires a significant investment in development, product and operations, and distracts you from building the features and capabilities that will get you ahead.

Smooch ensures you have the richest and most reliable access to all the messaging channels your customers may need today or in the future. Our enterprise grade development platform, dedicated channel team and highly available and scalable cloud infrastructure means you can focus on your core product.

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Smooch solves all of our messaging needs and allow us to remain focused on building richer, deeper features. It's saving us so much time.

  • Helloumi
  • Structurely
  • Okkami
  • Ask PAM
  • Gorgias

Bot Companies

Bots are becoming increasingly important in B2C communication and customers expectations are on the rise. The best chatbots and bot platforms will be those that handle multi-channel support, conversation state, and integrate with existing business tools for human supervision and handoff.

Smooch let bot makers build the most effective solution by providing instant access to all available messaging channels and connections to a growing list of integrated services like Zendesk and Slack. Easily create a one-click deployment to every messaging app and let your users plug into their existing services to enable human-supervision. When the task is done, control can be passed back to your bot seamlessly.

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Instead of having to build and maintain connection to every OTT messenger, Smooch lets us instantly tap into a growing list of channels. It's a no-brainer for anyone building a bot platform.

  • Motion AI
  • Meya Bot Platform
  • Gupshup
  • Converse.AI

Digital Agencies

Businesses of all sizes are looking to their agencies and systems integrators to help them navigate new opportunities in the messaging world. Messaging represents, much like the opportunities on web, mobile apps, and digital advertising, one of the fastest growing area of investment for customer engagement.

Some customers are looking to integrate messaging for sales and support into their existing website or mobile apps. Others want to create new customer journeys or bot experiences for advertising on the latest emerging channels. Smooch is the one platform that provides you all the pieces you need to handle the broadest set of use cases for your clients, now and in the future.

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The quality and richness of Smooch's APIs and SDKs allow us to rapidly create custom messaging solutions for our customers, while leveraging their existing systems and engagement workflows.