Channel transfers

Transferring a conversation from a chat app to the Smooch iOS SDK

Have a look on how a business can invite a user to transfer a conversation to another channel.

  • User authentication

    Authenticating a user and using their profile metadata to provide better service

    Learn how users can be authenticated in a conversation with a business through Smooch.

  • Conversation extensions

    Conversation Extensions: Go Beyond the Boundaries of the Chat Window

    Create custom interactive overlays, to realize any use case, on any channel, thanks to Conversation Extensions.

  • Bot-to-human

    Orchestrating Bot-to-Human Handoffs with Smooch

    Learn how to build a simple example of how to handle bot-to-human handoffs using the Smooch API.

  • Channel transfer

    Moving and persisting conversations from web chat to a messaging app with Smooch

    Explore how a business can seamlessly move a conversation from web chat to their customer’s preferred messaging app.