Multi-channel translator

Translate and optimize message display across channels

With one API call, your software (and bots) can support and optimize the display of rich message types, like quick replies, images, gifs, carousels, location requests, and more, across every channel.

  • Omnichannel experiences

    Transferring a conversation from a chat app to the Smooch iOS SDK

    Have a look on how a business can invite a user to transfer a conversation to another channel.

  • User authentication

    Authenticating a user and using their profile metadata to provide better service

    Learn how users can be authenticated in a conversation with a business through Smooch.

  • Conversation extensions

    Go beyond the boundaries of the chat window

    Create custom interactive overlays, to realize any use case, on any channel, thanks to Conversation Extensions.

  • Conversation orchestrator

    Orchestrating bot-to-human handoffs with Smooch

    Learn how to build a simple example of how to handle bot-to-human handoffs using the Smooch API.

  • Omnichannel experiences

    Moving and persisting conversations from web chat to a messaging app with Smooch

    Explore how a business can seamlessly move a conversation from web chat to their customer’s preferred messaging app.