Why Smooch

You can enable communication over Telegram via Smooch in just a few minutes, without having to build your own Telegram API integration. Our Telegram connection is reliable, business and developer-friendly. Smooch streamlines your development and lets you benefit from multi-channel support, rich message types, continous feature updates and delivery issues handled for you, through one unified API.

Intuitive UI and REST API

You can configure a messaging channel integration within minutes. Tested by thousands of businesses, every interaction has been designed for ease-of-use.

Comprehensive, helpful documentation

Extensive documentation, tutorials, code samples and API reference

Native mobile and web SDKs

Smooch maintains full-featured SDKs for web, iOS and Android. See our documentation

Predictable and reliable

Protect yourself from unreliable, and constantly changing platform APIs. Stay up, even when others are down.

Responsive support team

Developer to developer support to get you started and for those tricky situations. Chat with us directly in our Slack channel

Smooch API Features

Feature Telegram via Smooch
Developer-friendly REST API and webhooks
Public, comprehensive, intuitive docs
Built for scale, performance and reliability
Multi-channel support with channel abstractions
Versioned, non-breaking API changes
Comprehensive, easy-to-use UI
Fast, helpful technical support
Intelligent message delivery
Unified structured message support
Managed account API
Centralized conversation history
User profiling and metadata
3rd-party backend integrations
Continuous improvements and access to latest features

Not a developer?

Don’t worry, you can still use all of Smooch by connecting apps and integrations together, no code required.