Let your website visitors talk to you from any messaging app

Let customers talk to you the way they want

Conversations naturally happen over time in different places. That’s why customers can start a live conversation on your website and finish it in the app of their choice, while you retain a full conversation history.

Customers can choose to continue the conversation on the channel that they want

Smart notifications that engage

Notifications are instantly delivered on the channel that the user is most likely to be engaged and available to chat, ensuring you always get a reply. Conversations remain synced in real-time across all channels and devices.

Superpower your sales and customer support

Agents and customers can send messages and images to quickly close deals and troubleshoot issues. Drive new signups and purchases, or simply greet new customers to kick off your relationship.

Recommend products and book appointments in conversations using Smooch

Learn from your customers

Start chatting with the people who visit your website. Gather quality feedback and valuable real-time insight into your customers.

Manage conversations from your favorite business systems

The entire conversation is managed in your business system of choice. No need to create a new workflow or learn a new tool.

Reply from customer conversations using your existing business systems

Office hours let you set customer expectations

Your agents don’t need to be available 24/7. Set office hours and send automated messages to customers. You can even capture email addresses to follow up with leads who leave your website.

Make it look the way you want

Smooch gives you full control to customize the look and feel of your web chat widget to your own needs. You can make it look the way you want so that it matches your website experience.

Various ways to customize Smooch live web chat

Beautiful live web messaging for everyone

  • Developers

    Make your web messenger as unique as your brand with Smooch’s powerful, simple, and customizable SDK.

  • Product Owners

    Live chat lets you speed up customer research by chatting directly with leads and active users.

  • Customer Success Teams

    Proactively connect with website visitors and build an engaging customer relationship from day one.