Context is what makes modern messaging so powerful. But context is tricky to maintain in a world of countless disconnected channels.

Allow businesses and customers to move seamlessly between channels, while keeping the conversation history centralized under one user profile in your software.

See it in action

With Smooch, software makers can give businesses the tools to:

  • Deliver more delightful customer experiences

    Let customers engage on whichever channel is most convenient for them, without having to start from scratch every time.

  • Drive increased engagement and revenue opportunities

    Resolve issues faster, deliver richer and more personalized experiences, and reduce dependencies on more costly channels like SMS.

  • Route conversations to channels the business fully controls

    Whether it’s for privacy or security reasons, move conversations to an environment that’s fully controlled and branded, like a website or a mobile app.

Every conversation has its place

Not all channels are created equal. Empower businesses and users to move the conversation wherever they see fit, without sacrificing history or context.

For sensitive operations

Consumer chat apps like Facebook Messenger and WeChat are great because they’re so accessible, but sometimes businesses need to authenticate their customers before they can continue the conversation.

  • Easily invite users to switch channels by sending them a link or call to action within the conversation
  • Prompt users to sign in to the business’ website or mobile app and move the conversation without skipping a beat

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For notifications and persistence

Sometimes a business isn’t able to answer their customer’s question right away. Sometimes the user needs to run before the end of the conversation. People don’t want to hang around a business’ website and wait for a reply.

  • Present a selection of available channels where the user can get notified of a reply
  • Enable businesses, while they’re in an active conversation with a customer, to present a list of available channels where the conversation can be continued

Read the channel transfer guide

Browse Github repo with examples

For optimizing the experience

Being wherever customers are is important, but that doesn’t mean channels are interchangeable. Some channels are more expensive than others and some provide a superior user experience because of their rich messaging features.

  • Invite users to move an SMS conversation to a free channel like Facebook Messenger
  • Provide a more modern messaging experience to users who’ve contacted you through email, by inviting them to a richer channel

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For conversation privacy

Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Twitter — these channels are great for discovery, but they’re still Facebook’s Messenger, Tencent’s WeChat and Twitter’s Twitter. Many businesses aren’t keen on sharing conversations with other tech companies for them to mine and monetize.

  • Engage customers on a popular platform and then move them to a private one to keep the conversation private

Read the Channel Transfer guide

Browse Github repo with examples

For proactive customer engagement

Most businesses have access to their customers’ email or phone number. Armed with this information, a business can connect those channels to a user in Smooch and proactively contact them on a channel they’ve never talked to them on before.

  • Programmatically link email, SMS and Facebook Messenger as alternate channels under a user’s identity

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